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Is Adult Text the new phone sex?

As more and more media stories emerge about Adult Texting, it appears that it seems to be becoming more popular than phone sex. This article will explore if this is the case and how it could happen.

Adult Texting gives the visual element – the only problem with phone sex is the visual element is left out. For many people (especially men), this is the best element when it comes to sex. Now people can have dirty talk and the pictures of the person they are talking to. There is no way that phone sex can compare to this advancement in technology.

Record the conversation – phone sex does not give you a way to record the conversation, which means it is a one-time deal. When sexting, you can enjoy the flirty conversation over and over, as everything is stored in your cell phone. This gives people a new angle on an old method. This is certainly one of the reasons that sexting is overtaking phone sex.

It’s very simple to do – sexting is possibly the simplest form of sexual communication. Anyone can type sexts, and as most people have their own cell phones, it makes it all the more common. People from all walks of life own cell phones, which means that more people can now use technology for sexual means.

Sexting costs nothing – one factor that should not be overlooked is the price issue. Those that used to use phone sex lines can get the same results without calling expensive phone lines. As most people have inclusive cell phone deals, they don’t spend anything when the send a sext.

Unlimited options – there are many more options when it comes to sexting. You can send photos, images, sext and video. There is far more to do and more interactive options that phone sex does not offer.

People enjoy the response – some people enjoy sexting simply as a way to boost their own self-image. Many people like to send naked photos of themselves simply to generate a good response. They may not even be interested in the person they are communicating with.

sextin girl

Sex texting acronyms

We intend to compile a list of most widely used acronyms here in this article but you need to know that the possibilities are endless and there can be and actually there are more acronyms which will not make it to the list that we compile. So, there is no point frowning on that because no list can be comprehensive especially when the list is about the acronyms used for sexting. Let us not waste any more time and start with the list of most commonly used sexting acronyms in everyday life.

  • 69: I want to try 69
  • 8: Oral sex
  • AIT: Are you tight?
  • Banana: Penis
  • CANAL: Can we have anal?
  • DUM: Do you masturbate?
  • DUSL: Do you scream loud?
  • EUD: Ever used dildo?
  • FMLTWIM: F**k me like the w**re I am
  • GNOC: Get naked on cam
  • GYPO: Get your pants off
  • HAK: Hugs and kisses
  • HWHGFSL: Hit wrong hole, girlfriend still limping
  • IAYM: I am your master
  • IF/IB: In the front or in the back
  • IIT: Is it tight?
  • ILF/MD: I love female/male dominance
  • IWSN: I want sex now
  • J/O: Jer**ng off
  • KFY/K4Y: Kiss for you
  • KOTL: Kiss on the lips
  • MPFB: My personal f***ing buddy
  • NATM/W: I have never touched a man/woman
  • NEED8: Don’t bother me if your penis is not at least 8 inches
  • NIFOC: Nude in front of the computer
  • Q2C: Quick to cum
  • RUHN: Are you horny now?
  • SorG: Straight or gay?
  • TDTM: Talk dirty to me
  • WTF: What the f**k

That concludes our list of most commonly used acronyms in adult texting. As we said before, there can be many more and hence, if you are not able to find the ones you are looking for, please accept our apology. If however, you are willing to find a sexting partner, we can help you.

sextin girl

Sex texting is incredibly difficult because it is incredibly easy.

The problem with us is that since childhood we have been taught to think in a difficult fashion instead of taking the easier path! However, with this new trend in sex, you need to think straight and think simple. There are few simple tips and tricks which can help you to master the art of hot sexting. Here are some of the tips that you need to follow to be able to break the barrier named “virgin sexter”!

  • You can jump into sexting with your partner. Remember that sex is a very delicate subject, especially for women and for this reason; there should not be any surprises for the sextee. Soft entry crafted with hints is what helps women to open up to your sexting call! Remember that if she is not reciprocating, do not push.
  • In case she reciprocates, you will have to make sure you play cool in order to ensure hot sexting. A few cool messages which are descriptive in nature will help her to open, lead and invade explicit territories which you want.
  • Make sure that you do not get vulgar right at the very beginning. If you do so, there are chances that the girl/woman you are sexting will pull back. A slow and playful start will help the girl to start thinking that you are a sensible man and that you respect her.
  • Tailor you sext in a way that the reply which comes back reveals more about the woman/girl. Based on the information you collate, make sure that your next sext drives her to take bold steps while staying comfortable.
  • Use sensible little words of praise and in particular, praise her body and try to find out what she likes in bedroom. The best way to do so is to open yourself! You may try something like, “I love this, what about you?”
  • Try to be descriptive and make sure that you take your time to understand all her words and feelings and respond back appropriately. This will help you to develop a sexting session which is not only hot but also sensual.
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